Gypsy Folk Ensemble-Estonia Project

Follow the Gypsy Folk Ensemble as they travel to Estonia in 2009 and perform in the Song and Dance Festival there. A special thank you to Kuljus and the Tantsupidu Festival Committee.


Estonian Song and Dance Festival - 2009


The Gypsy Folk Ensemble has had the honor of building a professional and personal relationship with Kuljus, a professional folk dance group based in Tallinn, Estonia. In a wonderful milestone of this ongoing and long-time relationship, after months of rehearsals and a videotaped audition, Gypsy was accepted and invited to perform in the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration in Tallinn, Estonia in the Summer of 2009. The Laulupidu and Tantsupidu (Song and Dance Celebration happens every five years in Tallinn, Estonia and is part of UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


During the 3 days of the celebration, 34,000 singers and dancers performed for an audience of 200,000.


The Gypsy Folk Ensemble can provide a lecture demo/presentation including a video travelogue, short lecture and/or Estonian dances performed in authentic costumes by some of the members of the Gypsy Folk Ensemble who traveled to Tallinn, Estonia in the summer of 2009 and participated in the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration there.


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